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    Downtown Charleston Real Estate

    Located “where the Cooper and Ashley Rivers come together to form the Atlantic Ocean.” According to local sayings, Charleston is the oldest and most populous city in South Carolina. It’s recognized for the preserved historical sights that blend into the modern city architecture. As a multicultural city, you can find friendly and welcoming residents coming from all sides of the world.

    Besides the central positioning, what draws people to Downtown Charleston is the perfect blend of history, arts and culture, and award-winning dining facilities. The area is always bustling with tourists eager to explore the cozy cafes, hip bars, and local coffee shops. Some of the most popular restaurants are located here, all offering food prepared to perfection with fresh produce and served with the well-known southern hospitality.

    Although it’s a central area, residents still get to enjoy spacious gardens and serene parks where they can sit back and relax away from the downtown buzz.

    Living in the central area is appealing for people of all ages and life backgrounds. Because of this, the demand for housing in this area is on a constant rise, and with it, its prices.