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    Hanahan & Goose Creek Real Estate

    With a close-knit community, natural and historical treasures, Hannah & Goose Creek are priding themselves in the small town feel they’re known for. Titled as the safest city in South Carolina in 2016, Hanahan & Goose Creek are among the fastest-growing areas in Charleston. The peaceful community life and proximity to modern facilities have caused a spike in the population count, which grew by more than 40% in the last decade.

    These two areas have recently been updated with several facilities meant to improve residents’ quality of life and expand their entertainment opportunities. The amphitheater on Goose Creek Reservoir is one of the landmarks where families gather for different festivals and movies. A new library branch in the form of a train depot was also recently built along with the modern City Hall.

    Oriented towards growth through sustainability and preservation of the suburban living feel, Hannah & Goose Creek are turning into Charleston’s most popular areas, especially for young families.

    In terms of housing, you can find anything from historic, World War II starter homes to palatial waterfront mansions, all with a price fit for any budget. Demand is continually rising, so we will definitely see Hannah & Goose Creek grow from small, suburban cities to modern communities anyone would love to live in.