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    James Island & Folly Beach Real Estate

    James Island

    James Island has been known as a semi-rural area with vast farmland for a long time but was recently urbanized as Charleston city kept expanding its borders. However, it’s one of the few areas that managed to preserve that suburban, small-town feel it’s known for.

    The island is located between Downtown Charleston and Folly Beach, which boasts scenic views over the ocean, rivers, and marsh. This ideal positioning has caused an increase in the demand for housing in James Island, especially in recent years. Prospect buyers want to enjoy the authentic, suburban feel of the community and the spectacular beaches, all while being just a few minutes away from Downtown Charleston.

    James Island is known for its surf shops, local restaurants, offices, and bars lined through Center Street. Similar to its neighboring islands and cities, James Island has a rich history that is today blended with the eclectic vibe and hip feel of the city. Every year, James Island hosts the 3-day Island Heritage Festival that celebrates the African culture embedded in this island’s history.

    Folly Beach

    The closest beach to Downtown Charleston is Folly Beach, a town where locals get to enjoy the laid-back beach life and outdoor activities to their heart’s content. It’s mostly populated by Millenials and college students who come here for the beach parties and music festivals.

    Folly beach is known as a surfers paradise. The Washout is one of the most popular surf spots where surfers go to ride some of the most spectacular waves. Restaurants, office buildings, and shops are lined along Center Street, where locals gather to enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine and a traditional meal.

    There are many vacation rentals in Folly Beach that bring an excellent rental yield, so real estate investors want to invest in a beach paradise. Demand for housing also comes from homebuyers.

    Many people want to live in Folly Beach due to its pleasant climate, laid-back lifestyle, and proximity to amenities people would need. And because the demand for properties comes from all profiles of people, you can find houses priced at different levels to fit any budget.