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    Johns Island Real Estate

    South Carolina’s largest island is Johns Island, separated from the mainland by Stono River and is neighboring James Island and Wadmalaw Island. It was initially inhabited by Native Americans but was later colonized by Europeans and is now home to over 14,000 residents.

    Witnessing all of Johns Island history is the Angel Oak. It’s one of the oldest living oak trees believed to be aged more than 1,000 years. The sheer size of the oak tree is mesmerizing because its foliage extends to over 17,000 square feet. To protect this national treasure, locals built a park around it where visitors can take a closer look at the tree.

    Johns Island prides itself with the breathtaking ocean views and endless beaches. These scenarios do not only resemble a movie scene, but they are the movie scene. Johns Island has welcomed many film crews, one of the most popular ones being the Notebook, a movie that was recorded right on the city’s beaches.

    Other attractions include Johns Island Presbyterian Church, one of the oldest churches in all of the US, Mullet Hall Equestrian Center, a place where horse lovers can enjoy competitions, festivals, and events, and the annual Battle of Charleston reenactment, an event where locals reenact the famed battle while enjoying local food, music, and 19th century culture.

    Johns Island is very popular among homebuyers and investors due to its proximity to Downtown Charleston, beaches, and modern amenities.