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    Don't Build a New Home in Charleston Without Reading This

    Considering purchasing a new home in Charleston? DON’T GO ALONE!

    …then why should you consider bringing a Charleston Agent with you to new construction?

    1) The builder’s on-site sales agent DOES NOT work for you, they work for the builder.

    2) It costs you NOTHING!
    Our pay is built into the home prices, and the builder WILL NOT negotiate a lower price for you not having an agent.

    3) By law, we MUST represent your best interest.  The on-site agent has NO such obligation.
    They’re just waiting for the next stranger to walk through the door.

    • Only the things you find wrong will get fixed.  How many new home builds have you been through? Do you know what to look for during the construction process?
    • Builders never wiggle on price because as soon as they do, EVERY buyer will be haggling the builder over price.  We know what can be negotiated and how to get you the most for your new home.
    • Don’t let the on-site agent haphazardly lay-out your design, floorplan, lighting, wiring, etc.  It’s your home and you have plans for why and how you want to live in your new home.  We’ve been through countless home design and layout consultations, and will help you think outside the box for making the best use of your floorplan, layout and options.  Want your bedroom window to open directly towards your neighbor’s living room? AWKWARD!!  But we’ve seen it happen too many times.
    • New construction contracts are written with only the builder in mind.  We’ve been able to help numerous clients get out of new construction builds gone wrong, without the expense of a lawsuit.
    • We can ONLY do these things if we attend your first visit to a new construction neighborhood WITH you.  After the builder has your contact info without ours attached, unfortunately there’s little we can do.

    Our lead agent, Aimee Peterson, started her real estate career in new home builds.  She’s involved in the process for every new construction client we represent.  See all new home listings