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    Park Circle Real Estate

    Charleston’s Park Circle has been the up and coming neighborhood everyone is keeping their eye on. It has the urban feel of Charleston, but it’s also family-friendly, with lots of outdoor activities, parking areas, and fine dining local restaurants.

    The city’s favorite spot is East Montague Avenue, a street with a bustling nightlife where you can find restaurants, breweries, and bars filled with young people enjoying their best years. There are also festivals happening here throughout the year, as well as holiday soirees and food truck exhibitions. Because of this, locals are predominantly people aged 20 to 40 who enjoy the mixture of outdoor activities and eclectic nightlife.

    If you want to get away from the crowd and relax in a peaceful and quiet area, Park Circle Butterfly Garden is a unique facility where you can enjoy nature.

    Park Circle has some of the best-preserved historic houses in all of Charleston, something it’s been praised for time and time again, but it also has an architecturally diverse housing for everyone’s taste. You can find anything from charming small houses to big mansions with spacious yards, all priced for anyone’s budget.