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    Property Tax Bill 4% vs 6% – It’s Bigger Than You Think

    By default the county will charge you 6% property tax on your home, unless you complete the process to be taxed at 4% as your legal residence.  With new county processes you may have to do so 2 years in a row for it to ‘stick’.  May not sound like a big deal but there are other property tax discounts for legal residence, making a big difference. We know of one neighbor who reduced their taxes $3,000 on a <$500,000 home, saving $250/mth on their mortgage payment.

    You need to be sure all the following match your current home:

    • Drivers license
    • Voters registration
    • Vehicle registration.

    1) Make copies of the above items to mail in.

    2) You’ll also need a copy of a portion of your prior year’s tax return (even if it was addressed to your prior home). The county can tell you exactly of which pages they need a copy.

    3) Each county is a little different. Below are instructions for each depending on which county your home is located in…

    DORCHESTER COUNTY – Call the County Assessor at 843-832-0162, Option #5

    BERKELY COUNTY – Call the Auditor 843-719-4309

    CHARLESTON COUNTY – Call the County Assessor at 843-958-4100

    Thank you and hope you’re loving your home!

    Love Where You Live!  Live Where You Love!