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    Cinematic Videos, Drone Aerials, 3D Tours

    Cinematic Video

    We’ll combine production quality HD video using professional video editing for use on the
    Charleston MLS, Facebook, Instagram and other social media feeds.

    Contact Us to discuss making your home look this good!

    Or see our YouTube Channel of Property Videos

    HDR Photography

    It provides the most realistic view of your home, which is AMAZING!

    What is HDR?

    It stands for High Dynamic Range Photography.

    What happens when you take a picture with a window in the background? Either your subject is too dark but you’re able to see the sunny outside world.  Or you can see your subject while the outside world looks like a white blob.

    HDR is a technique taking a range of bright to dark exposures, combining them into one compelling picture that lets you see the details in the dark and in the light.  It’s how your eyes work, so it’s how pictures of your home should look.  It does cost us more, but that’s an expense we take on and do not charge to you.  It’s well worth it in our opinion.

    Interactive 3D Tours

    Industry surveys have shown that 3D Tours are the most wanted feature by buyers when shopping homes.